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About Us

Project Founder


Born, 1965 Liban

Journalist 1990 lebanese university of journalism (fanar)

Member of sacem

Work experience , TV, Radio, Newspaper, magazine.


ARZ Group Present:

LDN-TV, Radio SAWT EL ARZ and Libance Production.

– Radio SAWT EL ARZ:

 Founded in 2017 in Paris by Mr. EL KHOURI Elie, with specialized volunteers stuff, as a need for the Lebanese Diaspora to present all services to the Lebanese community free of any charges, while it was the only and first Lebanese associative radio worldwide.

After 3 years,

Our situation is getting bad and more then bad, the dream of the great homeland is starting to evaporate, and those who have destroyed the country are not the ones who will build it. Everything is divided sectarian and the rest of our people are suffering and humiliated.

Today we are quite sure that’s The Lebanese Diaspora are the ones who will build up the dream of our holly land and to come true.


So, It was necessary to start a tv channel under name LDN-TV (Lebanese Diaspora Network Tele-Vision) and here is our tv starts.

LDN-TV team, are a group of journalists (used to work in MTV, LBC, Monte-Carlo and TF1) and artists living in Paris.

LDN-TV coverage worldwide by TV box and on our web site and on our app, our target is the 16 000 000 Lebanese persons on the world, to keep in heart our holly land and to come true the country we are dreaming in.